Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Farmville be gone

Your friends play games - Facebook tells you about the results. This is fine and quite-the-opposite-of-fine respectively.

I discovered how to kill off the game updates - but leave the friend updates in Newsfeeds. There has been a small burst of requests as to how to do this - so ...

Having previously set off on a Sherman's March through my Newsfeed, mercilessly slaughtering every game update in sight - I have had to try to find out how to bring one back to life for the purposes of this post. I don't know how to do this. So looking back deep into Newsfeed history I found this:

I'm interested in what David has been up to in the real world - but anything to do with Fishworld leaves me cold. Am I alone in this? Apparently not.

When you hover the cursor over a Newsfeed item a "Hide" button appears to the right of the item. If you Hide a game update then Facebook seems to get the hint and you get a message like this:

Bahahaha! No more Fishworld.

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