Thursday, December 17, 2009


Another precious saying I'm giving to you for nowt. I spoil you people.

Back story: You may know that the best way to cook crayfish (perhaps you call them lobsters) is to drop them into boiling water - unfortunately it is best if they are live. Don't blame me - this is just the way things are. Allegedly they flap about for less time if numbed in a freezer first.

Anyhoo, chilled or not, when you drop them in water they give off the most awful shriek - they have no vocal chords, this is the super heated air whistling out vents in the front of the carapace. Given an upset witness, an experienced crayfish cook will invariably say "It's just the air escaping"


Should a small child be upset by something (perhaps a fall, a small injury or some other petty injustice) they will give off the most awful shriek. You see where this is going surely.

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