Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Up

My children often change radios from Radio 4 to Radio 1, or worse still to local commercial stations - and then *leave them there*. This makes me listen to brief bursts of these stations by accident.

Recently I heard a DJ, in response to a caller from Luton, say "that's a big up to the Luton massive". No - really - he did say that.

After some effort I believe that I have translated this correctly to:

"I acknowledge, accept and indeed support your belief that the shitty, drab and slightly hopeless town you live in is somehow of remark and indeed is a reflection of your being worthy of fame and admiration - however pathetic, delusional and indeed slightly harmful your self-deception may be."


"a big up to the Luton massive", while still a rancid sputtering of diarrhoea, has the advantage of being shorter

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