Thursday, November 12, 2009

Air on the G String

I've already mentioned the wondrous Spotify.

Problem is that you need to be in the right country, you need to have an invitation to use it for free, and most troublesome - you need to install client software - which is not always possible. At work for example.

But Grooveshark has a similarly enormous collection of music to amble through - and runs using a browser with Flash only. Easy.

I have a penchant for popular classical music and was searching for versions of Air on the G String (stop giggling, it's just a pretty piece of music).

Anyhow - Grooveshark offers you the usual suspects - UK Symph, Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Nigel Kennedy, Yo-Yo Ma etc - but also a version by "The Fucking Champs". Sadly it was a dull piece - but a glorious example of gratuitously offensive and wilfully stupid band naming.

Anyhow - Grooveshark.

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