Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quiet little rhythms in a life

Hard to see I know - but there is a perfect cobweb on the mirror of our old car. Click on the pic if you're curious.

The spider made a new one every day through spring - retreating into the bowels of the mirror and waiting. Every day the car would be driven and the the web was all blown away.

I saw the little spider one day while I was driving - it had fallen and was desperately hanging to the flapping tatters of its web with one leg. Although unforgivable to do something so unexpected and inexplicable in traffic, I slowed down a bit - just enough so the spider could haul itself hand over hand back to safety inside the mirror. What goes around comes around. Happily the webs continued to appear.

Eventually a sad day came when I realised that I hadn't seen a web for a week of so - presumably our spider had moved on, or perhaps conked out from making so many webs in vain.

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