Monday, October 13, 2008

Love like a Rock

Remember when people first had computers at home? They were expensive, so a letter would have to use as many fonts as possible, resulting in what looked like ransom notes. Oh, my people - one colour, clean surfaces, fewer words - please - less is more.

Similarly Myspace pages are usually a design abomination - invariably smeared with seven types of shopping list graphic design shite. Messy, messy, messy. None the less I was going to point you to Rory McLeod's page as it played his song "Love like a Rock" in the background. V catchy, but the page doesn't seem to do that any more. Never mind, this video has a snippet of the song, in the middle of a few others.

Rory Mcleod is great to see live (really, he's a better busker than recording musician). The patter can be a bit whiny hippy dish-water-lefty - fine by me, but it can bother some. A "pact with the devil" quality harmonica player, and also able to belt out torrents of flamenco-esque guitar. Clever.

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