Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brave. Bonkers.

Bruce McCandless II took the first untethered space walk in February 1984. Here we see him from Challenger, floating above Earth.

Isn't that a fantastic photo? A bit eerie perhaps, the thought of slowly drifting away from the ship bugs me. Largely though, I think it's beautiful.

The photo has stirred up someone else though - the posting below is from the web page where the photo lies:

Posted by: Neil | 05/15/09 | 12:28 am

Every alleged space walk has been fake since the first by Ed White. The suits are impossible. Nickel porous plate ice sublimators are fabrications of an excellent imagination. The gloves, allegedly used by NASA for more than forty years, would be very useful in manipulating objects within vacuum chambers but unfortunately none are yet available. Because they don’t exist because they’re impossible. Everything associated with a spacewalk or moonwalk is fake. The International Space Station, Apollo moon missions, Gemini spacewalks and Hubble Telescope are entertaining diversions to fool Americans into overlooking that Israel loots the United States of $trillions in exchange for mere $millions of fake photos and video. With only 7.4 million people and a GDP of only $250billion, Israel has to steal the money from somebody for those 100 nukes, submarines and state of the art air force and army.


One of us - "Neil" or me - is quite a fool. You pick.

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