Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ryanair are a horrendously cheap airline. By cutting costs at every possible corner they offer surprisingly low fares.

The advertised rate is often a bit deceptive - sneaky taxes etc are added on - "bait and switch" is the advertising paradigm I believe. Nonetheless - they are hard to resist.

Every conceivable "extra" is charged for. In an inspired piece of publicity generation the CEO recently mentioned the notion of charging for use of the toilets. I can not believe that this was a serious thought - it would only be a matter of hours before someone shat in the aisle in a fit of pique. Cleaning this up would bugger up their already tight flight time logistics for days to come.

Anyhow - as a response to these corporate mental meanderings someone has come up with this:

I encourage you to print it out, laminate it, and leave it on the next Ryanair plane that you use.

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