Monday, November 3, 2008

Buller's Tale

Do you have a dog? Is it a much loved part of your family? In spite of this, does it annoy you by eating inappropriate things, clearing coffee tables with a careless swoosh of its tail, and bursting into ear splitting barking at things in the night that just aren't there?

When she was a girl, Beryl Markham had a dog - a feisty mutt called Buller. Buller woke her up in the night once, at the foot of her bed barking furiously - only, there was something there. A leopard had padded into her bedroom. The ensuing fight, cat and dog, tumbled out of her room into the Kenyan night. Markham was left to join dots of blood to try to find her pet the next day.

Markham's autobiography of life in colonial Africa is riveting.

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